Our clientele:

1. Our clientele:

We provide regular home cleaning services to a variety of clients from different nationalities such as: Australians, South Africans, New Zealanders, as well as Europeans, Americans and others.

Our clients include directors and workers from Shell, BHP, Rio Tinto, KPMG and also traders, technicians and a wide variety of other professionals.

If you need regular home cleaning or End of Lease cleaning, contact us now and we will be in charge!!

2. Real Estate Agencies:

We have cleaning contract with some real estate agencies as: KPR Real Estate, Versa Properties, Space Real Estate, David Evens Real Estate and others.

We also provide cleaning services directly to tenants through these real estate agencies.

3. Businesses (Offices):

We regularly clean office premises such as: Friendlies Chemistry Leederville, KPR real estate building, NRC communications, ArtBrellas’ office, Erebus contracting PTY ltd, Drake-Brockman Strata, Australian Medical and diagnostics, Sherlock Constructions, Stuttgart autos and more...